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Eco Games is a Norwegian based games company focusing on CrossMedia concepts for children and youth. CrossMedia is a growing term used to describe concepts being developed for the three big screens all at once: Television, Console and Cell phone.

Our company was founded in 2009 and currently has three employees. We believe in encouraging a positive outlook on our planets future, giving the next generation hope, optimism and will to face the challenges ahead. As a company we strive for cooperation and creativity in all aspects of production, and we always welcome the input and advice of our skilled brethren in the digital industry!

Current Projects

Eco Games is currently working on a fast paced high energy show for boys in the 3-6 year old demographic. The project is in early concept stage, more information will be released Fall 2010.

Eco Games is also co-creating the Quirky Land and the Sunshine Kathy web based games in cooperation with Phidu Labs and Zap Motion.

With children in our hearts

At Eco Games, we strive to associate our name with productions and products of the highest quality.  We seek to achieve the best possible experience for children in educational entertainment, which we believe plays a key role in their learning development. 

By placing an emphasis on high moral and ethical standards in children's television and games, we strongly desire to elevate their understanding of an increasingly environmentally focused society.